Who We Are

We are ordinary people striving to live extraordinary lives. We seek for the courage to take chances, stand up for what is right, and help those who can't help themselves. We understand and acknowledge the harmful effects that drugs and alcohol can have in our lives and in the lives of our friends and family. We've got big dreams and we're not going to let anything hold us back.

How does this work?

Take the Wait 21 Pledge below.  Each year, we will send you three short follow-up surveys verifying your commitment to the Wait 21 program.  Wait 21 will track your participation and provide you with an official letter of recognition that you can include with your college applications, giving you an edge in the application process.  You will also be automatically entered to win scholarships provided by our sponsors.

I Pledge

1. To not drink alcohol before 21. To not use or abuse any drugs, including nicotine, tobacco, marijuana, prescription pills, or whatever creates an artificial high.

2. To stand up for myself and others who choose to live the Wait 21 lifestyle.

3. To love, support, and respect all people regardless of what choices they make.

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Colleges and Universities look favorably on students who are committed to living drug and alcohol free.

The Wait 21 Pledge Program can give you that edge.