You Got This!

Take the Recommitment Pledge below! Wait 21 Pledge participants are required to take this recommitment pledge 3x each year to confirm they are living the Wait 21 lifestyle. Participants have until January 31st to complete this recommitment to stay in the program. Wait 21 offers you a letter of recognition and scholarship opportunities for your dedication to this Program! We applaud your commitment to this healthy lifestyle and wish you the best as you continue to be a positive example to your friends and family. 2018 Scholarship Winners will be announced along with the release of Wait 21 Certificates to participants in July, 2018.

I Recommit my Pledge,

1. To not drink alcohol before 21. To not use or abuse any drugs, including nicotine, tobacco, marijuana, prescription pills, or whatever creates an artificial high.

2. To stand up for myself and others who choose to live the Wait 21 lifestyle.

3. To love, support, and respect all people regardless of what choices they make.

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Have you abstained from drugs and alcohol (including marijuana, nicotine, tobacco, etc.) since your last Pledge? *
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