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Actions. Speak. Louder.


Pledge to WAIT until 21 before considering alcohol and abstain from drugs. Take 3 recommitment surveys throughout the year to show your commitment.


Wait 21 will track your participation and provide you with an official letter of RECOGNITION that you can include with college applications, giving you an edge in the application process!


You will automatically be entered to WIN scholarships provided by our sponsors.


Why Wait?

Choosing to wait until 21 reduces your risk for addiction by 90%



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About Us

We have seen addiction destroy the lives of our friends and family. We dedicate this to them. If they understood the risks of addiction in high school, their lives might be different today. We established Wait 21 to help educate our friends on the science of addiction and how we can reduce our risk. Join us in fighting addiction by donating today!


This site, its images, and posters were created in collaboration with students of Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you would like digital copies of our awesome posters to hang in your schools, download contact us using the form on the left!

We get our information and statistics from top research institutions and government organizations. If you need more information or help, please visit these links.